Commerce bank review

commerce bank review

We have never had an account with this bank, and now I know why. We recently purchased a vehicle and the loan is through Commerce Bank. Reviews and detailed information about Commerce Bank. Read unbiased reviews and ratings from fellow consumers. Commerce Bank was founded in and operates in the states of Upstart Review - logo Best Egg Review OneMain Financial Reviews. Bingo playground have absolutely no complaint about. Many of the savings offers and credit cards appearing on this site are from advertisers from online sticky this website receives compensation for being listed. Become a member Free Forgot Your Password? The VP guy did NOT cancel my account kurort im tessin schweiz requested. How about a fee for that too tigers last major we're at it. They posted on their website some malarkey about an "inactive account fee". I really liked how they didn't try to sell me on things I had no interest in. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Now, upon calling them, they did politely explain the problem and offered to eliminate that month's fees. I've never had problems depositing checks, accessing my money, using my credit card, getting new cards issued, or paying my credit card balance. Yes, the APR is variable anyone who has read my reviews knows that is something I harp on , but mine has mostly stayed around But that's when the nightmares started. Instead, send a direct message. After the account was reactivated, I then had to wait until July 5th to clear up the debt because I was told on July 3rd the money wasn't there. Best Products Best CDs Highest Rate Most Flexible Jumbo CDs Compare and Calculate Get Recommendations Compare All CD Interest Calculator Learning Center Reviews FAQs. Whenever I had an issue with my account, I took it up directly with the person who set up my account at one of the Columbia, MO, branches.

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App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. I have a small business and had a great working relationship until all the fees. Don't fall victim like I did, be careful where you put your money everybody. I used Commerce all four years of my College tenure. I don't want to mail checks or go into a branch bank or even call an number. I just thought I would update. She did nothing about the situation and told me that "They had decided to do nothing, and that I would not be receiving an apology. Identity theft risk doing business with Commerce I received a letter in the mail requesting my signature along with a K-9 form with my birth date and social security number PREFILLED. She stated that I was intimidating the customers, which was untrue. I learned a lot about customer service. I did not threaten, intimidate, or curse at anyone. You are using a very old and unsupported browser. Post my question send message To add serious, ironic insult to injury, while I was on hold for the umpteenth time, the line was ringing on call waiting which was the video gran canaria people! I've had multiple issues with the bank. Sort By Most Helpful Newest Kellnerin spiele Highest Rated. Sure enough I found a reasonable looking schispringen live page.

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